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About Us
Kleinon provides tailored education support services for a wide range of education and training institutions and organizations, and its staff is involved in a wide range of projects aiming to support beneficiaries in raising their educational standards.

We are performance oriented, and we know that effectiveness, flexibility and rapid improvements in learning outcomes is vital for nowadays dynamic society. To enhance the quality of our activities we often invest in developing our own tools and building our own knowledge, even if this often means volunteering or unrewarded efforts.

Established in 2008, our organization has recently passed through an intense re-branding and re-organization process. Technically a small company, although not (yet) formally a social enterprise, Kleinon is able to bring together people and knowledge from the field of education and from the business sector.

We collaborate with education organizations(schools, high-schools, non-formal education organization providers, and universities), social actors and employers and we provide solutions for strategic development, e-learning & innovative teaching and learning development, design & implementation of innovative digital tools, and project management.

As teachers, we are all the time in touch with the realities of the education system, which is allowing us to use our know how along with the digital, research, intercultural and PM skills of our team and to identify the best solutions and opportunities for our clients and beneficiaries.

Some of our services

Strategic Development & International Cooperation
Kleinon supports organizations to develop through international projects, by helping them defining their vision, structure an internationalization strategy and a development plan.

Trainings & E-learning Development
Engaging and affordable e-learning development, tailor-made courses and trainings for students, teachers and adult learning.

Webdesign & Graphics
Handsome responsive websites for organizations in the field of education and for projects, as well as logos, and other promotional materials to ensure proper visibility.

Research & Writing
We’re developing data gathering tools, statistics and writing reports, as well as all kind of academic/non-academic writings (research reports, articles, guidelines, course supports).

Project Management Support
From idea development, partners identification, project writing, to implementation, dissemination, evaluation and final reporting.

You Name It
We're out-of-the box thinkers and open to take any challenge...if it's for a good cause:)
Do you think we can help you whith anything which is education/ICT/projects related, just write us. We'll do our best to find a solution together.

More info

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