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EEO GROUP is a private management consulting firm providing consulting services, conducting studies, developing new technology applications and providing services in the area of human resources, with more than twenty years presence in Greece and abroad.

EEO GROUP aims at providing specific expertise for covering the needs in EU funds management in the public and private sectors, in planning, managing and evaluating development programmes at national and EU level.

EEO GROUP is endowed with the quality certificate EN ISO 9001:2008 for Planning and Provision of Studies and Consulting Services (EUROCERT).

The state-of-the art technological infrastructure and outstanding staffing of the company ensure the provision of high quality management consulting services. EEO GROUP’s development strategy, that has placed the company among the leaders in the management consulting market in Greece, is based on the following:

• Perfect knowledge of the needs and specificities of both public and private sectors
• High expertise in the areas where the company operates
• High-level of human resources and modern infrastructure
• High quality of services provided

The company provides a wide range of integrated consulting services to the public and private sectors in the following areas:

1. General Education, Vocational Education and Training including policy analysis, educational reform, VET reform and Finances strategic planning, life long learning, institution building

2. Human resources development through appropriate educational programmes based on studies identifying educational needs

3. Management of Funds, financial reporting, procurement as well as monitoring and reporting experience and capacities

4.Labour markets and Employment Promotion: employment promotion, gender issues, diversity management, youth in the labour market, active employment measures, TA to PES.

5.Public administration reform: training, functional reviews, streamlining administrative procedures, strategic planning in the public sector, e-governance.

6..Socio-economic development: local and regional development planning, agri-tourism programmes, SME development, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, policy analysis

7.Management and evaluation of EU programmes (ERDF, ESF, Europeaid, EU Initiatives, etc).

8. Support in the introduction and use of new technologies and IT systems in particular in the education sector

9. Development of educational software and multimedia applications.

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