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A multiplication event organized by the Union of Mother Centres.

On October 11 to 13, 2019 the Union of Mother Centres (UMC) organizes 3 day gathering of leaders and members of mother and family centres in Kľačno to celebrate the International Mother Centre Day. During this event UMC organized also the multiplier event of the AXESS project in Slovakia implemented by AINova (www.ainova.sk) in cooperation with the UMC (www.materskecentra.sk) .The target group of the project AXESS are women with low digital skills. Multiplier event organised by UMC in Kľačno was targeted towards the leaders of maternity centres, but also professional mothers, extracurricular lecturers, kindergarten teachers, or HR officers, it means women professionally related to the activities of UMC.

Online platform, and its features was introduced to participants by video. Participating women went through the content of the training courses either on computers or smartphones. Courses like How to Create Word Clouds, How to Write Proactive CVs, Internet Safety, Job Search on Social media and Digital Skills were highly appreciated. Participants used printed AXESS workbook to clarify and confirm obtained information. Guidebook and feedback form are also for disposal to followers of the online courses.

Participating women were working in 3 groups and the method of peer learning was used among members of the groups. Altogether 25 women attended the multiplication event who will very likely present the AXESS platform also to other colleagues and partner organizations. We believe that this Open Educational Resource open to public for free will fulfill its role in informing low skilled women about practical digital skills.

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