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Third Multiplier event of Axess Project held in Spain

On 25/07/2019, Internet Web Solutions held the third multiplier event in Málaga in collaboration with Asociación Arrabal, completing a series of 3 multiplier events dedicated to make the most of AXESS oer plartform and boosting its dissemination. The purpose of this ME was to exploit and mainstream AXESS (products, training, content and platform) at practical level levels and the event proved to be extremely interesting as AXESS platform and AXESS Demo was presented to young job seekers as the direct beneficiaries of the project who needed to improve their digital skills. In this occasion, 15 adult job seekers were invited to use Axess platform and treasure its contents to boost their key competences and digital skills. Moreover, local community of practice represented by Asociación Arrabal was involved to share lessons learned and promote the uptake of the AXESS Platform from an employment perspective. Asociación Arrabal also collaborates with different local institutions in research programs, therefore they will share lessons learned, case studies and experiences on “digital skills for low-skilled adult women”. As far as media is concerned, IWS published a dedicated press release on the event both on the official project website and on the online media to provide visibility to the AXESS project and mainstream results

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