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AXESS Multiplier Event in Piatra Neamt, Romania

Organized by Kleinon SRL within the framework of Erasmus + AXESS - Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability Project , AXESS Multiplier Event and Practitioners’ Workshop was held on 9th of May 2019.
The multiplier event, aiming to contribute to the project’s main objective of improving women employability by developing their digital, social and other specific competences, brought together more than 130 people of different backgrounds, from rural and urban areas – members of a few dozens educational organizations within the Neamt and Bacau counties, but also from other European countries (Portugal, Denmark and Turkey).
The whole event featured interactive activities and participants’ involvement. During the event, beyond the presentation of the AXESS Projects’scope and context, the focus was on the intellectual outputs, especially on the OER platform ad training contents (including through live demonstrations and workshops).
The AXESS event has been rated as high quality and highly relevant for the target group by 100% of the participants who answered the feedback surveys. Also, it represents a starting point for further collaborations as more organizations have already expressed interest in integrating their activities into their current activity.

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