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AXESS Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability

The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance employability of women through developed and more proactive social and civic engagement. In today´s world this is firmly linked with the level of digital skills.

The above mentioned competences (sense of sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, socuial and civic competences, digital competence) are among 8 Key Competences of Lifelong Learning formulated by the European Commission. Also OECD deals with competences of adults, notably in the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC). The survey of problem solving in technology-rich environments, among other things, revealed that women in some countries have less developed digital skills than men.

AXESS addresses the needs of target groups (adult women) by developing and deploying concrete training and educational resources (OER, open educational resources) for adult women to advance their digital competencies and skills.

The main outputs of the project are:

AXESS Platform - the online interactive platform with open education resources structured along the 5 areas of the EU “Digital Competence Framework DigComp 2.0”: (i) Information and data literacy; (ii) Communication and collaboration; (iii) Digital content creation; (iv) Safety; (v) Problem solving.

Baseline Report on Digital Skills and Competences (training needs)

You can learn more about the training platform in our video tutorial!

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